Monday, August 6, 2012

If you are new to youtube, want to make more money with adsense, or just want more views, here are some quick and easy tips to reach the audience you're looking for.

Tip #1: Make a good title

When someone types in a search on YouTube, the search engine looks at 5 key elements: Title, view count, description, username, and tags. Don't spend too much time on tags. They have a very small effect on the search engine. If you don't have a lot of views (I don't know why you are on this article if you do.) then the title is the most important element of your video. Always put as many keywords as you can in your title. For example, if you are uploading a video about big waves in Miami Beach, instead of writing "Big Waves in Miami Beach", try adding dates and details into your title, something like "Large waves off the coast of Miami Beach Florida 2/16/12". Another good strategy for all of your video's elements is to link to a similar video. If there is already a video about big waves in Miami Beach uploaded and it has a significant amount of views, try to create a similar title and description so that your video may appear in the related videos tab (97% of YouTube viewers click a video in the related videos tab after watching a video).

Tip #2: Create a good description

Being the second most important video element, it is imperative to have a substantial description. As with the title try to fit as many keywords as you can into the description. Instead of using the tags feature, making a section at the bottom of your description named "Ignore Tags:" and put all of the keywords you would normally include in your tags into the description. Also, follow the related videos strategy in tip #1, as the chances of your video being selected into that tab will greatly increase with more keywords.

Tip #3: Get more subscribers

While most users over-exaggerate the effects of having more subscribers, subscribers are not the most important thing to YouTube. I like to use the car battery reference when thinking of subscribers. Subscribers get you enough immediate views to be seen by other viewers, or the engine. One method I have seen going around to get more subscribers is channel commenting. One user commented on my channel saying, "Nice Channel :)". This happened about a year ago when I only had about 30 views on each of my views. When I saw that someone had actually liked my mediocre videos I immediately checked out his channel and subscribed. He had about 2000 subscribers. Recently, I looked at his subscribers and saw that 90% of his subscribers had the same channel comment as mine. Some people would consider this "cheating", but if you have adsense on your videos like me, you probably wouldn't hesitate at a chance to make some big bucks.

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